She Speaks Wellness is a Christian program which is a catalyst to inspire, educate, and empower women. We partner with the following individuals and organizations.



A holistic practice focuses on emotional regulation with mindful movements, breathwork exercises that take minutes, and other energetic tools for helping our community members dial down their emotional intensity.

For quick resets to help with intense emotions, visit:



Central Texas African American Family Support Conference

To become a CTAAFSC planning committee member and learn more about our events, go to:

LaQuita Monley Solutions, LLC 


Beacons of Hope Champions

A community and ministry dedicated to bringing awareness, education, and a safe space for honesty, encouragement, empowerment, and balance to achieve emotional and mental wellness which is essential for spiritual growth. To challenge the disconnect to ensure ministry and help to the whole person.

  • Founder, Dr. Twanna House, MSHRM, D. Min
  • NAMI Member
  • Hope Coach - Fresh Hope for Mental Health
  • Network Member, She Speaks Wellness

She Speaks Wellness Network Members (alphabetical order)

  • Elder Sheila Cohen - SWIFT Unlimited, LLC (Jacksonville, Florida)
  • Shannon McCoy - Advocate (Chesterfield, Virginia)
  • Jacqueline Primrose - Wellness Provider (Austin, Texas)
  • Nicole Traphan - Community Member/Parent Advocate (Wisconsin)
  • Cheryl Reese - (Hutto, Texas)


The SHE SPEAKS WELLNESS is one of several projects funded through resident-siled participatory grantmaking made possible by the St. David's Foundation through their investment in rural health and network weaving. About Shared Gifting:

The SHE SPEAKS WELLNESS in partnership with the AUSTIN PRESBYTERIAN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY is funded by the Innovating Forward Grant. This pilot project She Speaks Hope responds to Black and African American Women in Ministry.