Mission and Vision

Minister Sonya Hosey, Founder/Visionary/CEO

Irons Sharpens Iron - 4MySisters and She Speaks Wellness are programs operated under Moore 4 Sisters Ministries, a 501c3 organization. The ministry was born out of the God-led purpose to support female clergy and leaders in their walk of spreading God’s glory. We make a space to join in combined prayer, share ideas of community involvement,  and enhance our skills in how we minister to serve others.

From humble beginnings, the Iron Sharpens Iron -4MySisters private Facebook group has grown to over 1K members, including diverse women worldwide. The women come from different paths of ministry - some in traditional clergy and leadership positions. Also,  women who inspire and empower the quality of health, wellness, and other forms of scripture-based healings.

Through this journey, the Lord has made it clear that women are suffering on a wellness level and that to be aligned with our Father, the body, mind, and spirit needs to be united and addressed in a meaningful, relevant, and accessible way so that we women may genuinely be the vessels that our Father intended in us.

The She Speaks Wellness program was developed to promote holistic wellness for African American/Black women. Our objectives are:



To promote wellness that encourages optimum health, including spiritual, social, physical, and financial wellness, emphasizing emotional well-being.


To inspire women across the nation to coordinate efforts that bridge expertise, resources, awareness, and training.


To educate through virtual training, wellness materials, webinars, social media, and online materials.


To build a network of faith-based organizations, individuals, private providers, community agencies, grantors, and foundations. To grow a wellness directory of culturally relevant providers.


The SHE SPEAKS WELLNESS is one of several projects funded through resident-led participatory grantmaking made possible by the St. David’s Foundation through their investment in rural health and network weaving.

About Shared Gifting: https://learning.stdavidsfoundation.org/insight/rural-residents-as-grantmakers-experimenting-with-shared-gifting/

Central Texas Network Weaver Website: https://txweaving.network

If you would like to help further this mission to serve women sincerely through increasing wellness and health with scripture-based practices and focus, please see our “Give Help” page to get involved.