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Network of BIPOC organizations and experts in the field. Following in the footsteps of the Central Texas African American Family Support Conference, the Austin Area African American Behavioral Health Network (4ABHN) was created in 2009 to further strengthen connections and networking opportunities for African Americans who are interested in behavioral health in the Austin area. Composed of behavioral health professionals, people with lived mental and behavioral health experience, youth and their families, faith leaders, and community members, the network identifies and brings together local, recovery-oriented supports.
In particular, the network exists to connect African Americans to services and supports that reflect a deep understanding of their unique challenges navigating a mental health system that was not built with their experience in mind.

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Women's Relationship Coach.

I Teach Business Women To Not Lose Sight Of Their Feminity While Being In A Committed Relationship.

I offer a 1:1 Private Coaching Session.
-Private coaching session is where you get personalized guidance from me based on your specific desires, goals, and challenges
-Private coaching is for women who are 100% coachable
-Ready to invest in yourself
-Motivated to take the steps

I Offer An 8-12 Week Support Group
-includes weekly 1:1 Private coaching sessions
-weekly group meetings
-weekly homework assignments based on the topic of focus

Buffalo, New York
Nolan Pillay
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Nolan Pillay - Mental Health Awareness Interview https://www.facebook.com/ironsharpensiron63/videos/409007041077415

Nolan Pillay, CEO/ Founder of StraightTalkWithNolan.
Nolan is a Human Mindset Specialist, a Life Coach, an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, an Enlightened Warrior, and the Author of his latest book called "My COVID Journey." His latest online course called "Battling to Breathe" speaks about mental wellness, depression, suicide, limiting beliefs, and how we humans go through life allowing ourselves to feel suffocated.

Battling to Breathe  - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E4d30cni8o&feature=youtu.be
Life Coaching, Speaking, Webinars, and Online Program

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Johannesburg, South Africa